Wood pellets for heating

Wood pellets are pure natural heating that can replace gas, oil and firewood. The advantage of pellet heating is the clean and easy handling of heating materials, automated heating and small maintenance needs. The 1 kg of wood pellets contains 4.7-5.0 kW of energy. If we heating of wood pellets, we also do not pollute the earth. When burning a wood pellet, CO2 equals as much the tree took it in as it grows in the wild.


Pet pellets

Pet pellets are a pure natural litter that can replace all other litters for pets. The advantage of our pet pellets is simple and clean handling, high absorbency. The special feature of our pet pellets is mixing wood and hay. This provides a good antibacterial environment, and the plant fibres keep the characteristic odour well. Using pet pellets, we do not pollute the earth, because after use it used as a field fertilizer that decomposes in a natural way.


Grill pellets

Food grade grill pellets or BBQ pellets are for use in pellet grills for heating, smoke generators, smoke ovens and other grill stoves to smoke. Gives to the food a pleasant flavour and a beautiful colour. Suitable for all types of meat and fish according to the taste of the user. The grill pellet is made of alder or apple tree.